Saturday, 9 June 2007

Three way with VD ....

Yes, it was bind off time for Via Diagonale - three needle bind off to be exact. Behold the wonder (and a Japanese Acer for some aesthetic background pleasure):

How did this come about so quickly? Well it surprisd me too, but it involved camping out in an internet free zone and a lot of PhD Thesis work. The project was placed within easy reach of the panicking student in a stress-induced frenzy and adrenaline was put to work.

Finished taking notes on a journal paper? Knit 2 rows. Written a section for the thesis? Knit 2 rows. Toilet break? Knit 2 rows. Actually when I put it like that I'm surprised anything got done! But by Friday evening I had written an entire chapter for my thesis, read a significant amount for my literature review, found and sorted all sorts of missing modelling data and this ......

..... the complected bag section of Via Diagonale. It's a bit floppy, but I'm sure the lining will sort that out. Elvis is so disturbed at the loss of his project, he has turned to the internet to counteract his loneliness. So if you see a lonely blue sheep trawling the chat rooms, be kind, he has lost a dear friend.

But we all must move on and so now it is handle time,however I'm a bit concerned about it as I'm sure it involves I-cord and I haven't quite mastered this yet. It's called idiot cord and I can't do it - does this say something about me?

Anyway this is (in the spirit of my one project unti it's done mantra) the project of choice for World Wide Knit in Public Day. Our contribution will involve an Indian restaurant and most likely a significant amount of alcohol. You can be assured there will be pictures! Where did you knit today?

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Nikki said...

Poor Elvis, he shall find a new project soon.