Tuesday, 12 June 2007

A lull

I have hit a pause in knitting progress. The weekend was spent I-cording my brains out (2 handles and an applied I-cord edging) and yet it is still not finished *sigh* And yesterday there was a grand total of no stitches knitted (ridiculous, horrific even, but I was busy!). However I still have pictures from World Wide Knit in Public Day (Northern Ireland style) to show to the world.

Here we see the handle begun and the I-cord looks ok (that bit at the bottom is just stockinette, not I-cord gone bad) but it could be better, in my opinion. We also see here the beautiful sea-side surroundings we were knitting in. Oh how glorious to have a sun-filled day for knitting in public.

Next let me introduce Jolene:

Jolene has been called by the lure of sock knitting, much like we all have of late. But this girl, well she doesn't do things by halves. Not only did she decided to start her first ever sock that day (big step), but she decided to start it on itty bitty cocktail sticks needles (2.25mm). Not only did she decided to start her first ever pair of socks on itty bitty needles, but she decided to introduce beading into her knitting for the first time ever, on these socks. Not only did she decide to do her first ever beading on her first pair of socks on itty bitty needles, but there is some funky twisted rib, cabling going on there too. All I can see is thank goodness they are baby socks! And that mama better appreciate the madness talent of the knitter who created them.

No wonder she's concentrating!

Anyway Nikki is continuing on with Shaq's tank top (although apparently it may be rescued with a bit of frogging and a lot more knitting).

And finally, excuse a very fuzzy picture of stitch markers I made as gifts. I mean come on - I made stitch markers! This needs to be recorded, fuzzily or otherwise!

Now I hope to get some knitting achieved soon and come here with cheery and accomplished posts. Soon, I promise.


Nikki said...

they're not fuzzy, they're BEAUTIFUL!!!!

tracey said...

Hi! Tracey from the secret knittnig pals group. Your site looks great! And I agree what beautiful surroundings you had for KIP day! Love the stitch markers they sooo pretty! I just started making my own recently too - isn't it fun! I can see myself making a new pair every time I need some...ha ha

Hope you have a fantastic Monday :)