Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Well it's been a while since I've been around here. I'm doing some gift knitting that requires being kept secret for another few weeks, hence the broadcasting silence. But before that began, I trekked off to Donegal with Nikki for the weekend. Her family has a cottage over there and we love it. We knit, we go to the beach, we buy yarn, we light fires (well Nikki does), we knit, we make chicken tikka chips, we knit, we watch DVDs and did I mention we knit?

So on this fateful trip the socks were taken along (yes the VD knitting is complete - more about that another day). These are my second ever pair of socks. I started them the last time we were in Donegal and discovered that it was a pattern where I needed to pay attention, not watch DVDs and talk to friends. So I stopped. This time I picked them up and decided to go with an easy stocking stitch sock, made up entirely on the spur of the moment and so it may be enitrely the wrong size, shape and well, just wrong! But anyway it was begun and it saw a fair bit of Donegal.

The sock does Euros.

The sock does fire (I know it's June but there was a storm and it was cold!).

The sock does face masks, home-made muffins and cider in a Guinness glass .....

The sock does Rambo (Part 2 if anyone is interested).

... and a puppy for contrast (ain't he cute? the puppy ... not Rambo).

The sock visited local landmarks: Myrtle the Turtle (can you see her?)

and on the way home, the shipwreck on the beach.

This was also the site of my driving a car for the very first time. Wow! It lasted for only seconds, but I drove a car. This may be the start of a beautiful friendship ... I see me turning my back on public transport and embracing the love of cars ... I see it ..... in about ten years time!

More knitting news to follow soon :)

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Nikki said...

why is Myrtle so small?