Thursday, 7 June 2007

A new knitting mantra ....

I am one of those knitters who have WIPs hanging from light-shades, strewn in every corner and coming out of nearly every bag they own (some are just too small for my knitting). I have a desire to be knitting every pattern I like now, and too little willpower to stave off the call of a new project. And so, when a pattern annoys me, when I make a mistake, when the yarn gets tangled - I move on. There are plenty of projects to choose from, why hang about?

But let me tell you, actions have consequences. Take this for example:

This is Via Diagonale from Knitty, using mercerised cotton cones from Texere (great value), knit for my mother's Christmas present. No, I am not that far ahead of myself - Christmas 2006.

Yes, I am one of those knitters. But in my defence the cotton hurts my hands and there's a lot of stitches going on there.

So I have told myself, I have decided, it is to be .... that I will work on only one project at a time until they are completed and my WIPs are depleted. The only exception to this rule is gift knitting, where I shall allow a new project to be started but all other rules apply. It's scary, it's unusual and it's taking some getting used to, but it is happening.

VD went to the cinema to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3.

And Nikki went for the 90's Madonna look with my cotton cones.

Then she went to our Belfast S'n'B, where it was discovered (with great celebration) that we had passed the 7 inch mark. Oh joy of joys! I swear that thing remained at 4.5 inches for at least 6 months, regardless of the amount of knitting that went on.

Just a couple more inches to bind off time. It will be a day of celebration throughout the land!

And in other S'n'B news: For any and all who would like to come along, a little hint to the location.

Rebecca's pink Denises were broken out for the first time. I'm not sure why the look of pain is necessary. But it seems that when knitting with them, she wasn't so scared after all.

Nikki was continuing on with her tank top, despite the fact that it will fit no-one other than perhaps Shaquille O'Neal. Also she was all with the picture taking as there may be another new blog on the block, watch this space!

And, finally, our resident non-knitter with her cute (but serious with the counting) Care Bears cross-stitch. That's what I call a long-term project.

But wait! I can't finish up without a little close-up from our cutest member - Elvis, the blue sheep shoe (technically a point protector, but that's like a needle shoe, right?).

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