Thursday, 28 June 2007

I admit defeat ....

... the dolls are not going to be finished for this evening. Due to mistakenly thinking I could do two in a week (as well as you know, working and stuff) I ended up getting two half-done and nothing finished. Luckily I had finished one months ago earlier. Meet my aunt's birthday nurse (she is a nurse herself, honest it's not that weird a gift!):

Note the beetroot, sunburnt look as this was done back in the day when I had no skin tone yarn (now I do - third time lucky lol). Also note the bad embroidery which gives her a wonky eye and a pursed mouth. I think toy knitting isn't my thing ... I should stick with bags and scarves!

So at least one thing will be delivered this afternoon when we arrive in their neck of the woods. And to make up for the mad toy knitting I attempted this week, I'm talking only pretty things for myself to knit on the trip down and whenever I get a chance while there. I have brought the swatch for Mystery Stole 3 and two lots of sock knitting (neither of which is the sock I started in Donegal - bad me!). The knitting one thing at a time mantra has been thrown to the wayside a little. But I will try to get back on track after the weekend. Honest.

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Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for the comment!

I don't go on planes too often, but when I do, I've always been okay taking socks as long as they're on bamboos. And the lady across the aisle from me had, lo and behold, brought her own socks, on what looked like rosewood needles. I've managed circulars once or twice but I've never tried to get on with Addi Turbos on the WIP - that'd be a heck of a thing to have confiscated!