Sunday, 3 January 2010

Yarny Resolutions!

So I hmmed and haaed about whether I would put these out in public, given my amazing ability to think big and achieve nothing! But I decided celebrating a goal that no-one knew I had wouldn't be all that fun, so here we are :) Fairytalefrog's over-achieving resolutions for 2010:

1. 20:10 Holiday buying
The aim this year is not to buy yarn if I can at all avoid it. However, I am going to Vancouver and Seattle in February and I would be lying if I told you I won't buy yarn while I'm away. So in an attempt to justify the buying, I am setting myself a challenge. For every 20 stash balls knitted up between now and February 11th (departure date) I can buy ten balls while I'm away. If I don't make it to 20 I can't buy any! I'm already two down so this doesn't seem too impossible ... but lets just say I'm staying away from socks and lace right now!

2. Birthday Splurge
On my return from holiday I will be packing away the lovely new yarn, as an incentive for later when I deserve it. So throughout March up to my April birthday, I'll be aiming to knit up 2010 yards of icky yarn from the stash. If I meet this total I'll be allowed to buy something lush and expensive for my birthday treat. If not, well ... it's my party and I'll cry if I want to!

3. 'Tis the season
As in 2009 I did not finish one person's present in time for Christmas, this year I intend to tackle it early. I aim to knit at least one Christmas present a month throughout 2010, so that I am relaxed with plenty of presents come the festive season. However, I might have to skip January and make two in February as I'm still finishing the Christmas 2009 list currently ... ahem ... moving swiftly on ....

4. Rack 'em up
There's a common goal to knit 100 balls in a year, a nice round number that's good to aim for. However, I've got a LOT of yarn and 100 balls gone this year just isn't enough. So, seeing as I like these things that play on the year .... I'm aiming to use 201 balls in 2010. What's that you say about unrealistic? But it's less than one a day!

5. WIP 'em into shape
While on holiday in Berlin, well removed from the well-spread stash of knitting supplies across both mine and my parents' house, I was able to list 50 UFOs. That's a lot. I'm sure there's more. I'm not ruling out three figures, just so you know. So this year, they're coming down. I must completely finish 2 UFOs (ends woven in and everything!) before I can cast on for something new. And what's more, that something new must be completely finished or frogged before I can start anything else. Tough love.

So there you have it, some pretty lofty goals. And there is one more which is so crazy I'm not even paying it lip service right now. If I make it, I will report it .... but for now, I'll keep my craziness to myself. I'm not ready for the padded cell just yet!



Nikki said...

Fantastic knitting resolutions!!! I shall assist in any way that I can, I'll even weave in ends if you're desperate, lol

Fairytale Frog said...

Why thank you indeed! You can check with me every SnB that I'm keeping track of my usage ... ask to see my knitting book and if I don't have it then feel free to cause actual physical harm :)