Thursday, 2 July 2009

Charity - Knitters do the MoonWalk

I know I haven't been about, but that's all going to change starting tomorrow! I will be taking part in a 5.5 mile sponsored walk with two friends around Belfast city centre. It's in aid of the Northern Ireland Hospice and it starts at 10pm (it's a Moonwalk, but I won't be doing it backwards).

What I will be doing is knitting - while I'm walking! There may be some injuries ensuing if I don't see lamp-posts, but it's worth a try! So wish me luck and there will be plenty of pictures to post afterwards!

Oh and if anyone would like to donate, here's our page.

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kat said...

Hi girls, my name is Katrina, it was me that set this moon wak up, i'll be watching out for you, so give me a shout! see you tomorrow night xx