Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Weekend of quick finishes ...

This past weekend was a holiday weekend here in Northern Ireland and while I won't get into the historical and political connotations of that holiday, I will tell you about what I did with my four days off in a row.

I knitted.

No surprises there then. It was the weekend of quick finish projects. Like the simple ribbed hat I made with one of the balls of Noro Kureyon I bought in 'The Wool Shop' in Newtownards. I must go back there and stock up with more stuff. I mean you'd think you'd get these things in a capital city, but no - you have to leave Belfast to pick up the good stuff!

Then I also finished the evil sideways scarf that broke my Denise's interchangeable needle cord. *Grrr* Luckily they have a guarantee and the owner is kindly sending me a replacement way out here to Northern Ireland. And the scarf is quite nice despite it's evil actions.

I also made my first ever mini sock with some Opal Neon sock yarn. Isn't it cute?

Here it is beside the toe of a me-sized sock for proportons sake.

And I was also knitting a little present which shall remain invisible until it has been received and then will turn up here somewhere :)

Of course I have many more projects not finished and yet many more I want to start. Behold the knitting basket of random projects-to-be:

hmmm, what shall be next? After all, I need something to distract me from thesis hand-in in 8 weeks, house repair for sale, trying to get a mortgage without a job lined up for after the PhD, trying to find a job and generally, you know, breathing and stuff. *eek* The boss threw a spanner into the works this morning by giving me details of a job I was interested in, may actually be qualified for, pays well (ok make that very well) but involves moving to England. *sigh*

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You Dropped One said...

hmmm that basket looks familiar, lol. Is the reddy yarn the new sock stuff from your SKP??