Monday, 17 December 2007

Speed is of the essence .....

At last! A step forward in the Christmas gift knitting department, no a leap! I discovered the wonder of washcloths as gifts and since Saturday night have churned out no less than five - marvel in the splendour:

From left to right we have the gift dishcloth and the nine- patch from Mason-Dixon Knitting and a bath mitt, eyelet dishcloth and simple ridge from the Lily Sugar 'n' Creme ballband patterns. So thanks to the wonder of fast dishcloths I now have 6 gifts finished. But plenty more to go! (Also, please excuse the vegetation, it's my sister's idea of Christmas decorations.)

Also I had to share - the love of yarn spreads to all reaches of this family you know. Here's my oldest cat Tia who has spent all of today sleeping in one of my yarn baskets.

Thank goodness it's only the odds and ends of acrylic, because no matter how much I love her, if she'd been lying on the merino we would be having words right now.

Now wish me luck, I have Christmas decorations to dig out and more presents to make!

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