Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Naughty but nice

Well I was a bit bad and disappeared from here without saying anything. I'm supposed to be on hiatus from all online leisure pursuits while I try to finish my PhD thesis in time for September 14th. Sunday is my day off and so I can do as I please, but some gift knitting got in the way on Sunday so I couldn't resist coming online today.

I must show off my yummy yarns from Ebay that I went mad buying when I last got paid!

First off we have 500g of Manos del Uruguay - twice! (one in a lovely green and one in a beautiful blue mix), with a skein of pink and yellow fyberspates sock yarn for the grand total of £20 - bargain!!

I then purchased some Kimono Angora (one calorimetry made from it actually) - it is so squishy!

I also bought some in another colour with some Rowan All Season Cotton in a blue-green (I love that stuff), some sock yarn and Addi's from Get Knitted and DPNs and a big box of balls from Texere (dear goodness the yarn volume, but why no ball bands?) but I don't seem to have any photos of those.

I do however have photos of the 50p a ball bargain yarn my mother brought for me from her day trip in Scotland:

And my first Secret Pal package, which I'm dying to get into but already have too many projects on the go!

And also some of my recent knitting, My So Called Scarf in yummy Manos:

I have been knitting a lot more but again no photos. I promise to come back on Sunday with a better organised post and more photos. Now I'm going to a concert - bye!


You Dropped One said...

Hello, This is the second time I've tried to reply to this post, last time I couldn't get logged in.

I like you pink and yellow sock stuff, very bright and cheery... you have lots of lovely yarn which is the reason you're a Knitter and i'm not... can't part with the cash, lol.

Karin said...

I completely approve of your yarn purchases.:)

It's past the Sept. 14 deadline...everything OK?