Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Getting serious

So Ravelry grabbed me with both hands and has had me recording stash like a good 'un. Despite my sister's cries that I'm just inviting people to steal from me (who knows where I live huh?), I have been up to my eyes in balls, camera and laptop. So far it has been mainly acrylic going up so that I feel the momentum to document the rest (and not look like all I have is acrylic). I like acrylic, it has it's place and I use it quite a lot, but I love all types of fibres and so people need to see the full mix to get an idea of what sort of a knitter I am.

What sort of knitter am I? Eclectic I think. I very often knit things and not use them, which leads me to believe that I am either all about the process or that I should choose my projects more carefully in future. But hey, it led me to think, so that's a good thing right?

I've been trying to photograph my current wips as well and this is no mean feat, as they are spread to the far corners of the known universe my house and are often dropped from my cognitive understanding. I cast that on? When? No you must be mistaken.

Anyway, photos at hand, a post is long overdue!

The wip that is getting most attention at the moment is a modified play cube from Nursery Knits by Zoe Mellor. It's going to become a storage cube for more stash, I think, if it works when it's done. This is two of the six squares this afternoon, but after a jaunt to the cinema to see Transformers I now have nearly 3 squares - joyous! (And a great film)

Not so joyous however is the fact that I should not be knitting that at all, I should be knitting this:

That is the increase section (almost completed) of my mother's clap, which is supposed to be finished for her birthday .... on Saturday. Ahem, yes, perhaps needs some attention there. But you see my entire cotton stash appears to have gone missing, so I have a reason for holding off thus far ... perhaps my sister was right about documenting my stash ... except it went missing before I got on Ravelry .....

Mind you considering the state of my mother's Christmas present, I really shouldn't be surprised by my lack of clapotis.

Yes, that is the VD, still knitting completed, still not sewn up or lined ..... *sigh* My poor mother, thankfully I buy her presents too!

And to confound all this knitting what I shouldn't be, I cast on another sock yesterday:

This is a plain round and round sock with Opal Neon yarn and 2.5mm Addi's. You see the new Addi's came, so I could finally use some Opal and I had ripped out a plain sock that had gone a bit funny interesting, tension-wise, in the middle of the foot. So you see, how could I resist?

The Widdershins I have cast on and then abandoned because of cabling on itty bitty needle difficulties have nothing to do with it, I tell ya!



You Dropped One said...

I didn't know you were making the storage cube out of the Rio stuff... if you want the pastel coloured one back to do another square then go on ahead... funky fur will make a nice cushion cover or tissue box cover :)

You Dropped One said...

How does one know if they are in the 4? One would have to ask to have their name scrawled across one of the tickets.... would you like a ticket?????

Crochet is too complex for me - there's only one needle and it isn't even a needle!

I think knitting afghans 7 days a week would start to get very old, lol